The Fall of the Anti-Smoking Campaign of Dumaguete

It’s a little rude to say that the Anti-Smoking Campaign of Dumaguete has fallen to ashes. Well some folks are claiming that even more people are smoking in heavily crowded public places. Personally I could attest that many people are disregarding or disrespecting the Anti-Smoking Ordinance of Dumaguete considering that there are a lot of people smoking at the Public Market area. My disgust even escalated when an usher (a government employee) at one of the newly renovated comfort rooms was smoking while handing out tickets.

They are also reports of motorcab (locals mistakenly call it as pedicab) drivers smoking while fetching passengers. Other issues include city government employees blatantly smoke at random public places. These are indicators that the Anti-Smoking Ordinance of Dumaguete is ineffective.

Some enforcers who are tasked to catch violators are afraid to exercise their duty. You should have a clue why. This is the primary reason why the anti-smoking campaign is leading to oblivion. Is the local government addressing this ‘situation’? I don’t know but I sure do hope so they are doing something to revive this supposed great ordinance.

One flaw of this ordinance is that the smoking population is asking the city to provide smoking areas for them. It is their right to smoke as no law prohibits them to do so. But, it also contradicts on the direction of the Anti-Smoking Ordinance of Dumaguete City. Why provide a smoking area when you are prohibiting people from smoking in public. It’s a total chaos and a clash of interests. But as for my personal opinion, to be fair for both the smoking and non-smoking public there should be common ground for understanding.

It is best to implement the Anti-Smoking Ordinance and be strict with it. But at the same time protect the interest and rights of the smoking public by providing them discreet smoking areas. Business establishments should have their own smoking areas while public places should have special smoking zones especially for tourists who aren’t familiar with the local anti-smoking ordinances.

Unfortunately, things aren’t going where it should be. No more enforcers are doing their job to keep the city “smoke free”. People are reluctantly smoking even in the presence of the Task Force Dumaguete personnel. Although my sentiments are with the non-smoking public, I just hope the smoking population should be so kind and considerate to do their thing somewhere more private. If the local government can’t do their job effectively, then let us be proactive and do make better changes in our little but beautiful hometown – Dumaguete City.

Applying for a Job at Dumaguete City Local Government

It is an established fact that applying for a job in any government office is close to improbable. Back in my college days, my classmates often asked where I will be applying after we graduate. There is no absolute answer to that particular question and I exclaimed “Government Service”. They burst into laughter upon hearing me and I just shrugged my shoulders.

Knowing that one should be a Civil Service Passer to get a high ticket for public employment, I took the exam. Thankfully, I passed and it served as a morale booster for my goal to serve in the government. A friend who is now working in the local government of Dumaguete once told me that it will be extremely hard to get hired with nobody backing me up (I’ll politely say “politically”). I didn’t believe him, it’s a disgrace if it was ever true!

First try, City Hall of Dumaguete City. It was a beautiful morning and the day seems to be in my favor. Submitted some requirements to the Human Resource Officer of Dumaguete then I promptly asked if how will I know if I am a qualified candidate for a “possible” vacant position.

I was confidently asking it because I know (as I was personally told) that there is an office that needs to fill a vacated position. The HR Officer just said something like : “It’s the Mayor’s prerogative”. Those aren’t the exact words but that’s what I least understood. Ouch! That’s a hitter. These words resounded clear and loud in my head – “nobody backing me up”.

What’s even worse is that he was complimenting that I got excellent grades – it actually felt like the worst insult ever. Then at that moment I realized that being a consistent Dean’s Lister doesn’t really matter at all (you can never be a Cum Laude working part time and having been classed as an “irregular student”). Hugo sent a message with a “?”, I could have drawn a huge single “?” on my resume and could have gotten a lot better result.

Few days later, I was able to fool and tell myself that let’s get another try. Next stop was the Provincial Capitol of Negros Oriental. There was a lot of hesitation again perhaps I don’t personally know Governor Roel Degamo or any of his staff. But, a friend does know someone near to the seat of the Governor’s Office that might be helpful. We met and she received my papers. At last, no more HR malady and should now go straight to the hands of the Governor! Days came to weeks and weeks into months. Still, yes everything came still – an awfully boring wait.

After two months, an “insider” tip told me that that NIR transition offices are looking to hire. This time, I was prepared for the worst situation. It was a bit “wiser” of implementing shotgun approach of applying for government jobs. So I decided to create multiple copies of resumes and other pertinent documents. I felt like a desperate salesperson handing out hundreds of flyers that day. Handed one to Provincial DILG Office of Negros Oriental, another to DOLE Interim Regional Office of Negros Oriental, Interim Regional NIR COMELEC Office, and the Provincial DPWH office.

Let’s just say everything was like it was before just to calm my emotions down. Only one office gave me a little sunshine. The HR Officer of DPWH gave me a name and address of a particular person at the Interim NIR DPWH Office at Sibulan Negros Oriental. She said that it is positive that they are looking to hire. So I again rushed to fix my documents and went to submit my application letter and other pertinent documents to the HR of Interim NIR DPWH Office.

It’s been months since I last submitted those application letters and yet the wait is still on. In fact, I am now working in a financial institution and being paid decent – but not HAPPY. My hopes still linger that one day somehow, someone like me would be able to get the chance to serve the government without relying someone to back me up. Perhaps I need to apply more local offices to increase my chance of being selected or maybe rejected?

It is indeed a sad experience. A hard and undeniable truth that I consciously and consistently deny. Or probably, I am just one of the unluckiest people knocking hard at the doors of government service. What’s even sadder? I don’t even believe in luck.


After some months of Job Hunting, finally I got an offer from NIR DPWH which I graciously accepted. The sweetest first two days of my life has just started and there was nobody backing me up to be able to get this job! Wow!


Submitted by Ms. Motong and she asked us to let her remain anonymous.

Yet Another Tree Planting Activity At Camanjac

Yet another tree planting activity at Camanjac was once again held! We are trying to make this not just any activity but a tradition of our class. If we can have a single tree planting activity every year, then we could possibly do it twice or more in a year. Tree planting activities are fun and specially if you are doing with it with people who are passionate about making Dumaguete green again.

It is has been a practice by the Computer Operation class of CLHIDO to have yearly tree planting. Just this morning, they manage to plant 34 tree seedlings. The weather was quite hot as the activity started late at about 9:30 am. The arranged transportation schedule wasn’t followed. But then again, the activity pushed on and was a great success.

Acquiring Free Skills Training In Dumaguete

Wanting to acquire skills in your desired trade? Don’t know where and how to start? Well that wouldn’t be a problem at all. If you are a resident of Dumaguete City, then acquiring free skills training in Dumaguete is easy! There are few requirements and the cost is virtually minimal. Just a note, only local residents of Dumaguete of at least 14 years old are qualified. A local resident means having been living in Dumaguete for at least 6 months and can be attested by a Barangay Captain. Get me? So let go on!

The local government of Dumaguete has been providing free community based skills training since the 1960’s. Today, the City Livelihood and Home Industries Development Office (CLHIDO) caters between 200 – 250 training participants per quarter. The courses that CLHIDO offers are as follows :

Why Neva’s Will Neva Let Me Down

Strange title for a short review of my eating adventure at Neva’s Pizza. This pizza house is actually a personal favorite. Well this does not mean that my review is bias. What makes me Neva’s a personal food haven is that the place is homey and the taste suites my preference perfectly. Aside from the food and place, the staff is really friendly.

Their food selection may be limited but one will surely find comfort with it. They got huge selection for Pizzas as they have special and Kuripot series. Kuripot pizzas may cost between just over a little hundred pesos. The cooking time may take between 15 to 25 minutes depending on volume of orders. Hungarian pizza is my personal favorite. The toppings are simple with few chops of sausages and drizzled with cheese but don’t let it’s simplicity fool you!

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